Where I can get my order delivery?

Anywhere that is not public space. E.g.your appartment, ...

What is Bebelona?

Bebelona is an innovative beverage prodaction. Born in Barcelona and created by good people.

What is Fresh Mix?

It's a 200ml bottled ready-to-drink alcohol(3-24%) cocktails, based on COLD PRESSED cold press fresh juices.

Delivery time?

Most mixes can be received in two hours. 

Check our promotions and take an order in advance with a large discount.

What we make?

Cocktails with and without alcohol based on COLD PRESSED juices, purées, syrups and alcoholic drinks of known brands. We introduce a new cocktail concept.

What is Premix?

It's a 35ml bottle. Es una botella de 35ml. It is a touch of flavors for drinks such as beer, cava, wine to turn them into delicious cocktails.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask us at our Facebook page, Instagram page,  by email (info@bebelona.com), chat (see right corner) or by phone.