Mihelada is a typical Mexican drink. It is a mixture of sauces with lemon juice and with beer. In version of Bebelona Michelada is prepared with natural tomato juice, so it is tastier.

Bottle of Coronita 210ml

Bottle of 200ml:
• Tomato
• Lemon
• Sauces "Valentina", "Tabasco", "Perris"
• Black Pepper

Recommended consumption mode:
1. Make a frosting of salt
   of a half-liter glass.
2. Put 3-5 ice cubes in the glass.
3. Shake the bottle with sauces and pour it into the glass, then add the beer.
4. You can drink with a stick or directly with a sip of salt.

Final mix:

• 410ml
• Consume before 3 days (bottle of 200ml)

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